Finding Excellent Health care bills in Ankara

Ankara is the capital of Turkey, therefore the seat of the government. This important commercial and industrial center houses all the foreign embassies in the country. The old city has quite a few attractions and shares its name with Angora made of wool.

Ankara hosts a number of world-class doctor’s offices or restaurants in both government and private sector. Most of the nursing homes accept various international health insurance plans.

Let’s take a look at some of the facilities:

Guven Hospital is trusted (Guven means trust in Turkish) private hospital in the city that offers modern and effective health care. This hospital located at London Cad. Simsek Sok 29 Kavaklidere, is one of the first nursing homes founded in Ankara in 1974. This Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospital has eight well equipped operative theaters and 156 beds and puts great focus on patient care and comfort. This is a favorite hospital for the international community Ankara fayans ustası.

Ankara University, School of Medicine (AUFM) is one of the premier doctor’s offices or restaurants, as well as training and research centers in the country. This public institution was founded in 1945 and has a 2500 bed clinic at Ibni Sina Hospital, Sihhiye. AUFM provides high quality medical service to thousands of people and graduates about 300 young doctors every year.

Mesa Hospital is another hospital in Ankara patronized by the expatriate community located at Yasam Cad, No. 5 Sogutozu. This JCI certified hospital employs eminent medical experts in all sections and is most commonly known for cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. Mesa Hospital also makes a specialty of neurosurgery, the treating of Parkinson’s disease and orthopedics. Their department of gynacology and obstetrics is also preferred by many. Mesa Hospital in addition has established separate section for international patients.

Çankaya Hospital is another renowned clinic in the capital city and is placed at Bulten Sokak No. forty four Kavaklidere, Ankara. This famous hospital, established in 1968 was the first private surgery hospital in Ankara. A medical facility is well-known for its medical expertise and modern equipments used. Hacettepe University Hospital located on the main campus of the university and is a major hospital and teaching center in public areas sector. Hacettepe University School of Medicine was established in 1963 and later separate performance of dental care, school of pharmacy, pediatrics and oncology were also established in the same campus.